Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fact: Diddy Kong Racing > Mario Kart

Say what you will about Mario Kart, I can even admit that it is a great game. Heck, Mario Kart 7 has hardly been out of my 3DS since it was launched late last year. But if you ask me what my favorite cart (kart?) racer is, I will tell you Diddy Kong Racing any day of the week. The music, top notch. The gameplay, second to none. And nothing against any of the characters in the Mario universe, but all of the racers in Diddy Kong Racing have personality and style that just isn't found in Mario Kart.

I love how Diddy Kong Racing is much more than just a by the numbers racer, it offers much more. There is an overworld, secret items to obtain, secret racers to unlock, and one of the most addicting time trials I have ever played in a racer. In a Mario Kart world where developers seem content to just give gamers 3 levels of difficulty and a handful of levels, Diddy Kong Racing really went above and beyond the call of duty.

In a perfect world, Nintendo would take what Rare did with the DKR and implement the best ideas into Mario Kart. Or better yet, why not revive the franchise and give us a revival (not a remake the the DKR on the DS) on the 3DS or Wii. I understand that Banjo and Conker would be unable to return due to Rare owning the rights to those characters, but I would give anything to see a new game in the DKR series. You hear me Nintendo, ANYTHING!


  1. Im thinking about getting the ds version. You ever played it?
    Iabsolutely love this game.

    1. It is essentially the same as the original, except the voice work is all different, and there are minor gameplay changes such as use of the touch screen and microphone to get a starting line boost. Good game overall though, but I prefer the original.

  2. (Richard from Infendo. Rich T.'s my Google name)

    I loved Diddy Kong Racing. It had frame rate issues in a couple of spots, but nothing too distracting. Loved the boss battle races...I can't think of any other game in which you race a walrus downhill. My biggest complaint about the DS version was the change in the Elephant Genie's voice *and* dropping the way you could hear him humming his theme tune as he walked past you.

    A game I enjoyed nearly as much was Crash Team Racing, in which Naughty Dog seemed to rip off almost every idea possible from Diddy Kong Racing...but they ripped it off really, really well. :)

    That Hot Top Volcano theme has got to be one of the best game music compositions ever. Since day 1, I've wanted to know exactly what's being chanted in the background!