Friday, January 20, 2012

For the very best Zelda music, look no further than Celda...I mean Wind Waker

Apparently I'm on a Zelda kick as of late, but seeing how long the franchise has been around and how iconic a lot of it's music has been, I don't suppose that is a bad thing. I can say without a doubt that out of all the Zelda soundtracks across all the platforms, the music from Wind Waker is my favorite. Every island that is sailed to has it's own unique theme that perfectly complements the mood of island. There were times when I would just leave my console on while doing other things (folding laundry, doing homework, cleaning house) just to hear the music on loop. That's how wonderful the soundtrack is.

Does anybody remember the outpouring of hate form the Internet about the whole Celda fiasco? After the Spaceworld 2000 tech demo where Nintendo showed a very realistic looking Link and Ganondorf clashing swords, many fans were taken aback the very next year where Nintendo decided to take Link in an entirely new direction. The cell shaded styling of the game was a huge step in the opposite direction from what many people where expecting out of a next generation Zelda adventure, but in retrospect, the art style of Wind Waker has aged so well that 20 years from now it will still look fantastic. I know many people that actually prefer a cell shaded Link to a more realistic one like the one found in Twilight Princess, and I can't argue Toon Link's charm.

The only aspect in where Wind Waker falters is in the difficulty of the game. It is far too easy. Hearts come to frequently, and enemies simply don't take enough damage. Even the puzzles aren't particularly difficult to a seasoned video game player. I really wish Nintendo would be on embrace the use of a selectable difficultly level in there games so more experienced gamers could get as much enjoyment as brand new gamers. Don't get me wrong, I think most of the games that Nintendo releases are fantastic. I just wish I could get more out of them.


  1. i would like for them to revisit the celda style on wii U. That art style id beautiful and would be even better with a full orchestrated soundtrack.

  2. Give me orchestrated music or give me death.