Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quest 64 and my secret love affair

In my opinion Quest 64 is one of the most underrated games to ever appear on the Nintendo 64. It was panned by game critics and gamers alike for not being like other RPGs that appeared on the Playstation, namely not having CGI cutscenes or having voice acting, but I loved it for it's challenging gameplay and vast world to explore.

The world of Quest 64 was populated by spirits, that when collected can be placed in either your Fire, Wind, Earth, or Water magic skills. This makes the game customizable to however the player wants to play. Personally, I started the early game focusing heavily on the Water magic branch because that is where the healing spells are located.

I could wax nostalgic for days about how much Quest 64 means to me and how great of a game it is, but I will leave you with this. If you have happened upon my humble little blog and like the music from Quest 64 at all, you would be doing yourself a disservice not to find a copy and give it a playthrough. Even if the game isn't your cup of tea at least you will be treated to some pretty fantastic game music.


  1. i have fond, nostalgic memories of that gameeven though i remember it being pretty bland.

  2. Myself as well. Although I haven't played it in a few years so it could all be nostalgia talking.