Monday, January 9, 2012

Nintentunes: Micky Mouse Club Edition

Back in my day, when we had to walk to school in the snow up hill BOTH WAYS, licensed games used to be good. Not like this game is actually playable good, but I want to play this game until I master it good. This is especially true when it comes to Disney properties of the late 80's/ early 90's, and this is majorly because Capcom had their hands in the creation of the games.

One of my favorite of these such proprieties is Mickey Mousecapade, which was published by Capcom here in the States but actually developed by Hudson Soft. This was Capcom's first foray into the Disney property handbag, but it most certainly wouldn't be the last. The game ended up being rather popular and Capcom decided to continue it's partnership with Disney and develop their own games with the license from then on out.

The game has Mickey and Minnie trying to rescue Alice from Alice in Wonderland from the clutches of the evil Maleficent. There are many different Disney references found in the game, such as Caption Hook being the fourth boss in the game.  Like many games of the 8-bit era, the game is rather challenging and it is a real accomplishment to finish the game at all.

It is doubtful that the game will ever see a Virtual Console style release because of the many licenses involved, but it is readily available online and in retro game shops if you are really interested in giving the game a shot. I recommend it. After all, now a days licensed games are throw away at best, so finding a good Mickey Mouse title that is still enjoyable today is rare indeed.

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