Monday, January 23, 2012

Startropics is probably one Nintendo franchise that you have never heard of

I don't know of many games that have you soaking the manual (or at least an included letter found in it) in water to continue on in the game, but out of all of them that I know of (which is only one, incidentally), Startropics is the best. Nintendo doesn't release many games like Startropics any more nowadays. Puzzles, fun story, interesting characters...Startropics has it all. When the game was re-released on the Virtual Console, I jumped all over it because there really hasn't been an experience like it from Nintendo since.

The story follows Mike Jones as he attempts to find his missing uncle, Dr. Jones, where he finds out that
**spoiler alert**

Dr. Jones has been abducted by aliens.

Mike's main weapon happens to be very unconventional in that it is a standard Yo-Yo. Yes, a Yo-Yo. You will battle snakes, ghosts, and even bats on your journey to save your uncle.

Startropics is strange in the sense that it was never released in Japan. It was developed by Japanese programmers, sure, but they were living inside the United States while developing the game. Although a somewhat obscure title by Nintendo's standards, the game did receive a sequel titled Zoda's Revenge, but hasn't been talked about much since. I doubt the game will ever be re-imaged or given a proper sequel anytime soon, but who knows. This is Nintendo we are talking about after all.


  1. Wow. I'm going to have to check this game out on the Virtual Console.

    1. Check out the sequel Zoda's Revenge as well. Not sure if it's on virtual console though.

  2. I bought the VC version the day it released.
    Fun fact: The music in Plants vs Zombies was influenced by the music of StarTropics.. It's actually one of the composer Laura Shigihara's favorite NES games.

    // Roth