Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The hardest part about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles? Finding three friends to play with.

One of my favorite memories of the Gamecube era was gathering four friends and four Gameboy Advance + Link Cables, and huddling up in front of the television to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. At the time, Gamecube to GBA connectivity was all the rage. Well, all the rage may be going a little bit too far. Nintendo touted the connectivity feature as being groundbreaking, and at the time in many ways it was, but unfortunately not many people were able to take advantage of it due to how relatively expensive it was to gather together all the necessary equipment required to fully take advantage of the feature.

Crystal Chronicles isn't your typical Final Fantasy title. Gone are the turn based battle systems of old, and in is a realtime battle system unlike anything that has ever come before it. Each player has the ability to either attack physically, or with magic, but each race has a varying degree of skill with each. In multiplayer, the use of magic can be 'stacked' to create even more powerful versions of the spell, fostering a sense of teamwork between all those involved. Make sure you call 'not it' when it's time to carry the Crystal Chalice, no one wants to get stuck with that thing.

There is definitely something to be said for the couch co-op experience in today's online multiplayer world. Could Crystal Chronicles be played just as well over an internet connection? Probably. But something would be lost when not sitting right next to your three buddies as your healer fails to heal the group properly. You wouldn't be able to throw a pillow at him anyhow. I actually hope that a worthy successor the the Crystal Chronicle namesake makes an appearance on either 3DS or Wii U. It may have not been the most popular franchise, but it surely was a fun one.


  1. I spent a couple of evenings playing FFCC with friends. Good fun, but I was not a fan of "The Bucket." That gameplay concept can go away forever as far as I'm concerned! :)

  2. Yeah I bought the game just because it was Final Fantasy and only ever played by myself. It was ok, but you could tell it wasn't meant to be played alone.