Monday, February 13, 2012

Hate to break it to you, but Metal Gear didn't originate with Sony OR Nintendo

Fact. The  Metal Gear series did not start on the Playstation. In truth, the game didn't start on a Nintendo console either, it actually was first released for the MSX2 computer that was popular in Japan and parts of Europe. The NES version of the game was drastically different from the MSX2 original, and actually wasn't developed by Hideo Kojima at all. Kojima has been very outspoken about his disappointment in the title, and even goes as far as saying that the care that he put in the original title just wasn't present in the NES version.

Despite all of this, I actually am quite fond of the NES version. It was hard, unforgiving, and was so unlike any other game on the platform, but I still dug it. Perhaps this is because back in the day, when you got a game, that was it. Like it or not, it was yours, so you had better play it because you weren't going to get a new one for a long time. That is unless you were Smelly Sean whose parents bought you anything and everything you wanted. I hated Smelly Sean.

Metal Gear was truly the originator of the stealth genre. The game gave you a gun, but until you learned that it wasn't always the best option to use it, you would never get very far in the game. On the very second screen, there was a sleeping guard. It should have been an indicator that this game was different, because if you attempted to attack him, you would be promptly killed. After a attempts to kill the guard, it should be obvious that the correct course of action should be to just sneak past the guard, setting the mood for how to play the entire game.

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