Thursday, February 16, 2012

I love Super Mario Sunshine, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Super Mario Sunshine takes a lot of flack from a whole lot of gamers as one of the weaker Mario titles. Not me. I actually really like the game, and find the non-traditional gameplay quite refreshing for a Mario title. Jetpack fueled by water? Sign me up.

The entire game is so playful and tantalizing that it ranks right up there with one of my favorite Mario platformers, and I would even place the game ahead of Mario Galaxy. Yes, while wonderful in its own right, I never quite got the same feeling of wonder while playing Super Mario Galaxy as I did with Super Mario Sunshine. There was even an underlining message about environmentalism that has stuck with me to this day.

One of the defining aspects in Super Mario Sunshine is the ability to use the FLUDD water-pack to do many things that were previously not possible in a Mario title. It is such a thrill to glide through the air with the FLUDD , and a welcome change to attack enemies water from the device. The game is such a whimsical adventure that finishing the game is almost a shame. There is plenty to do in Sunshine, however. Even seasoned gamers will have plenty to do for hours on end.


  1. I also love Super Mario Sunshine! I like FLUDD, I like the Piantas, I like Yoshi projectile vomiting on people, and I like the frustrating giant pachinko machine that turns out to be totally optional! I even actually love the final boss battle and its wacky reveal of the reason the town gets flooded with soapy water. And...uh...I actually nearly teared up at FLUDD's final words.

    The only problems with Sunshine, for me, were the nasty frame rate drops during the final boss and mecha-Bowser battles. I'd love to see this game re-released on more powerful hardware with sharper graphics and 60 fps!

    You picked some great tracks from the the game!

  2. I liked Mario Sunshine. I think it was unjustly shunned mostly because of FLUDD. It was fun, had some great platforming, and was very reminiscent of Mario 64.