Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh Nintendo, why can't you make a Star Fox like Star Fox 64? That's what we want, honestly.

My first exposure to Star Fox 64 was a promotional VHS (yeah, like those rectangle plastic things) that came with my subscription to Nintendo Power. Not only did the video hook me because of the video making fun of Sony and Microsoft (I was, and am, a huge Nintendo fanboy), the intrigue of the brand new gameplay feature certainly got me interested. The rumble pak.

The game didn't necessarily need the rumble pak functionality, but with it, the game really soared to a new level. Never before in a video game were you able to 'feel' what was happening on screen. It may be lost on gamers nowadays, but back in 1997 it was revolutionary. The best way to describe the way it affected games to the newer generation would be to imagine how video games would be nowadays without being in 3D. Yeah, it was that big. Just look at the reaction to the :PS3 initially when the original sixaxis controller shipped without rumble. Gamers were outraged, and it had an immediate impact in the sales of the console....well along with the $600 price point among other things.

Not only did the game go on to sell a ton of copies, the game was, in my opinion, the best Star Fox to date. Forget all the getting out of your vehicle action from the subsequent Star Fox games, Star Fox gave you an Arwing, a tank, and a freaking submarine! The game can be beaten in about half an hour, but getting all the medals and playing in multiplayer add almost unlimited replayability. Unfortunately with the 3DS remake, Nintendo didn't think/care to implement an online mode, because that would really take the game to another level.

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