Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Remember when there weren't 25 million Mega Man titles and the series was actually good?

Capcom and Nintendo. The two video game giants have had a long relationship, starting way back on the NES. One of, if not the most popular game franchise on the NES for Capcom was the Mega Man line of games, and no Mega Man title is more special to me than Mega Man II. If forced to play the game with   a blindfold on with only my toes, I could probably beat at least three of the robot masters, not joke. As I've stated before, the only other game on the NES that I have put more time into would be Castlevania, so I know both games like the back of my hand.

The rock-paper-scissors style damage system is quite ingenious, even if the Metal Blade is completely overpowered. If you are playing the game for the first time, start with Metal Man, trust me. His weapon can be used throughout the entire game, and a good portion of the bosses are vulnerable to it. What's even better, when you have to face the robot masters for a second time before facing off against Dr. Wily, Metal Man's own weapon will destroy him in one hit. Convenient!

Another Yoshihiro Sakaguchi title, Sakaguchi served as sound programmer for the game while Takashi Tateishi was credited for the composition. The game simple sounds fantastic, with each level containing it's own unique soundtrack, all of which are amazing. It's hard to pick a favorite track from the game, as each one has it's own unique flare. I have played and enjoyed all the other NES Mega Man titles, but to me, none have capture the magic quite like Mega Man II

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