Friday, February 24, 2012

Star Fox: My first official foray into 3D

The most important part about being a gamer in the early 90's was whether you preferred blast processing, or if you would rather have a Super FX chip. I was always a SNES guy, so Super FX was for me. I'm not even sure what the two buzz terms actually mean, but hey, it got me to buy a SNES so who am I to judge!

I never was into flight sims or even the Ace Combat series, but Star Fox was right up my alley. It may be on rails, and may even be corny at times, but Star Fox really connected with me. I mean, look at those graphics! It was 3D for crying out loud! At the time, I thought that video games could never get any better. I couldn't imagine how lifelike and realistic that gaming would come in as little as a decade. All I cared about was that I was flying an Arwing in a 3D space. Beautiful.

The coolest thing about the Star Fox games is the way that the designers chose to scale the difficulty. Instead of giving the player a choice of Easy, Medium, and Hard, your skill throughout the game determines how hard the next level will be. You are also accompanied by three allies that once shot down, will not return for the rest of the game. There are so many different elements at play in Star Fox that it can overwhelming at first, but after multiple playthroughs (which you will want to do), you will become an expert.


  1. Starfox is the game that got me to finally buy a SNES!

  2. Brings back some good memories!