Thursday, March 15, 2012

When Fabio was still relevant, he used to appear on video game covers

There was once a time when all a game needed to be successful was a catchy name, and Fabio on the front cover. Ok, so it wasn't until Wizards & Warriors II until Fabio was introduced, but still. FABIO! Developed by Rare and published by Acclaim, the game is an action platformer in which the player takes control of Kuros the knight.

The game isn't exactly the most difficult game on the console, but it does require pinpoint platforming as well as quick reflexes. Kuros is tasked with collecting gems and treasure from each level, as earning enough is the only way to progress to the next level and bribe the creature guarding the door to progress. Kuros will travel from forest, to ice cave, to fire caverns, all in an attempt to save 'distressed damsels' and ultimately save the princess from the evil wizard Malkil.

What really resonated with me about Wizards & Warriors was the RPG elements found in the game. You collect magic, equipment, and new weapons along your journey to Castle IronSpire, all of which will aid Kuros in his quest to save the princess. Kuros must also collect colored keys to progress through doors and open chests of the same color. Play this game if you find it, they just don't make medieval action-adventure RPGs like they used to anymore.


  1. next gen needs more fabio!

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